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YL-PLT 1S Static Load Tester

Product Purposes

◆ Pressure resistance, pull resistance, horizontal and self-balanced static load test of single pile

◆ Static load test of shallow (deep) layer plate and rock foundation

◆ Static load test of treated foundation and composite foundation

◆ Pull - out test of rock bolt

◆ Floor and bridge load test

RM60,000.00 RM45,000.00

RSM-JC5 (C) Static Load Tester

RM57,600.00 RM48,000.00


YLOAD Short Description

YL-PDT High Strain Pile Tester

Product Purposes

◆ Detect the high strain bearing capacity and integrity of foundation piles

◆ Monitor the stress of the precast piles during the driving

◆ Low strain reflected wave method of foundation piles

RM75,000.00 RM55,000.00

RSM-PDT(B) High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester

RM72,000.00 RM60,000.00

YL-PST (FS) Ultrasonic Test Device

Product Purposes

◆ Test the integrity of piles by the tru-transmission ultrasonic method

◆ Estimate the crack depth of the concrete

◆ Detect the strength of the concrete by the ultrasonic-rebound combined method

◆ Test the rock mass by the longitudinal wave velocity method

◆ Detect for concrete incompactness and voids

◆ Detect for rock loose circles of the tunnel

◆ Test non-metallic material for dynamic elastic mechanical parameters

RM100,000.00 RM75,000.00

YL-PIT Low Strain Pile Testing Device

Product Purposes

◆ Integrity detection by low strain reflected wave method of foundation pile

RM36,000.00 RM32,000.00

PDA (High Strain Load Test) Machine

RM90,000.00 RM70,000.00

PDA Machine

RM90,000.00 RM75,000.00

Ultrasonic Machine

RM70,000.00 RM50,000.00

PDA Extension Cable

RM1,500.00 RM750.00

PDA Sensor Accelerometer

RM4,000.00 RM3,000.00

PIT Machine

RM48,000.00 RM36,000.00

Static Load Test Machine

RM90,000.00 RM60,000.00

PDA Sensor Strain Transducer

RM3,000.00 RM2,000.00

PIT Machine

RM90,000.00 RM70,000.00

QSDAP Analysis for Bi-Directional Pile Test

This is an analysis software to analyze Bi-Directional Pile Load Test results to obtain equivalent Top-Loaded Load-Settlement Plot, Q-S Plot

Payment Method: PayPal
Analysis Time: 3 Working Days after successful payment made

Information Required

(1) Bi-Directional Plots
(2) Balance Level Computation Form
(3) Pile Installation Records

The above information, please send information with Payment Receipt PDF or Payment Receipt Number to:


Please scan QR Code 21 for QSDAP Analysis SOP.
Please scan QR Code 22 for QSDAP Sample Report.