Static Compressive Pile Load Tester - 4 Channel

Static Compressive Pile Load Tester (SCPLT) is a state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform static load test on deep foundation piles. This automation system is to record applied load (Q) vs pile displacement (D) in static load test for static compressive (SC), static tensile (ST) and static lateral tests (SL).

Main Features

(1) The host uses a 10.4 -inch large -sized touch screen and high brightness color LCD display. It can be easily operated on the screen with hand or touch pens.

(2) The operating process of the host is intuitive and simple. Even if the general on -site workers, after simple training, the on -site operation and static load test of the entire set of instruments will be successfully conducted.

(3) Test information, Q ~ S -s ~ IGT curve, displacement and pressure data can be displayed in the instrument in real time.

(4) Test specifications for built -in nationwide and provinces. You can also freely set the hierarchical number and other parameters.

(5) Full automation of on -site tests and data collection: automatic pressure, automatic pressure, automatic reading, automatic judgment, data automatic saving, automatic data saving,

(6) In the case of various emergencies or reminders, the instrument will automatically alarm and provide protection.

(7) The measured data of the sensor is transmitted to the host wirelessly, and the communication distance is not less than 1,000 meters.

(8) Sudden power outage at the scene. After the call is called, the instrument will automatically continue to test.

(9) The waterproof level of the displacement sensor is IP68, which can be soaked in the water to work normally.

(10) Support the two installation methods of sensors: ① Installed on the pile body; ② Installed on the benchmark beam,

Test StandardASTM/D1143 (2020) Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations Under Static Axial Compressive Load Top-Loaded