BP1200Ø_6*5GYJ3D325 (27,600kN)

Shipment Method: Self Pick-Up or Ground Transportation (by 3rd party)
Payment Method: Local Cheque Deposit (CD) or Local Bank Transfer (TT)
Delivery Time: 3 Working Days after successful payment made

YCELL Capacity in BD-Load = 6*2,300 = 13,800kN
YJACK Capacity in BD-Load = 6*4,600 = 27,600kN
YJACK Test Range in BD-Load = 0 to 27,600kN

Tremie Hole = 400mm
Loading Area = 44.0%
Concrete Cover = 75mm

Fabrication Method: DIY by Welder, Competency Level L1 (do it yourself)
Installation Method: DIY by Installer, Competency Level L2 (do it yourself)
Testing Method: DIY by Tester, Competency Level L2 (do it yourself)

Hydraulic Hoses: included (length = pile top to balance level + 5m)
Telltale Wires: included (length = pile top to balance level + 5m)
Grouting Pipes: sonic logging pipes or poly pipes by contractor

Old price: RM77,280.00

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Act as alternative to the Hiley Formula which is mainly to measure the ram stroke by considering many factors including pile and hammer factors.

All users that have been given permission can prepare or edit the YLOAD sheet accordingly. Track all the status for the YLOAD sheet that been prepared.

YLOAD can be use to calculate PDA ram stroke for all grades of pile and all types of pile ranging from micropile to bored pile.
RM899.00 RM499.00