High Strain Pile Load Tester

The High Strain Pile Load Tester (HSPLT) is a state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform high strain pile load test (HS) on deep foundation piles to measure force (F) and velocity (V) signal to determine pile load capacity base on CASE method (1960s) and YLOAD method (2000s).
Old price: RM120,000.00

Main Features

(1) Size: 62x172x225 mm.

(2) Weight: 2.0 kg

(3) 8 -inch touch screen and high brightness color LCD display, can be operated on the screen with hand or touch pens, can be operated on the screen

(4) The cable is a customized field test special line.

(5) The joints are all military -level aviation plugs, and the instruments are used with metal shells, which are fully closed.

Main Specifications

(1) Follow the national relevant instrument specifications and related technical specifications, and carefully study and manufacture in accordance with the world's most advanced high -strain instrument hardware and software indicators.

(3) Use a high -precision AD resolution of 24bit

(4) The sampling frequency is divided into 10kHz, 20kHz, 30kHz and 40kHz four -gear adjustable

(5) The sampling length is 1024 points, 2048 points, 3096 points and 4096 points. The maximum sampling time can reach 400ms (6) with a sensor for self -test function to automatically determine whether the system is in normal state.

(8) Continuous sampling, automatically save

(9) Special design for pile monitoring tests.

(10) It can be used to detect the bearing capacity of piles and piles.

(11) Compatible with PDA (X01 format)

(12) Main cables, one -point four cables, sensors and their joints are compatible with the American PDA (bayonet)

(13) The instrument has built -in lithium batteries, which can be used continuously for about 6 hours

(14) PDAR analysis software, conducting judicial computing analysis

(15) RCAPWAP is a fitting analysis software with intelligent automatic fitting function

(16) On -site actual data, test location (GPS) and other information, automatically transmitted to the remote monitoring center through the Internet network, synchronize and real time.

Test StandardASTM/D4945 (2012) Standard Test Methods for High Strain Dynamic Testing of Deep Foundations