Get high-definition imaging of your boreholes to ensure contractor quality and consistency at all your projects. MODEN can measure and confirm for underground foundation work, the state of wall surface, pile diameter, deflection and incline, namely the "vertical accuracy" of the drilled hole or excavated wall. International foundation projects both home and many Asian countries nominate the DM-602/604 as the official tool to measure the various key indexes.
Vendor: MrGeoTECH

Main Function

Construction Pile Testing Equipment MODEN Test Equipment for Diameter Vertically Shape

1. Provides on site records of the perpendicularity of drilled holes and the shape of cross sections in high accuracy;

2. Testing the diameter, plumb rate, expanding or shrinkage position and dip direction of the drilling hole cast-in-place pile;

3. Testing the width, plumb rate, expanding or shrinkage position and dip direction of the underground diaphragm wall;

4. Testing sediment thickness;

5. According to the tested results to guide the field construction, optimize the construction process, and improve the construction quality and efficiency.


・           Easier and simpler to operate. You can manipulate the DM-602/604 just like a home appliance.

・           Gain control switch, auto and manual, is provided.

・           Clear and precise records make your data reading and analysis easier.

・           Measurement range and depth data are indicated on the recording paper with wall face marks and numbers.

・           Furthermore, the recorded data can be output to an external PC via a built-in RS 232C output port.

Watch this video on this link below and know more about MODEN.