Product Purposes

✔️1080P 4G Solar powered PTZ cameras
✔️Support WIFi and 4G(SIM)
✔️Support Waterproof ( IP66 )
✔️Support Night Vision
✔️Support Intelligent Detection
✔️Support P2P multiplayer viewer
✔️Support Remote Monitoring
✔️Support SIM card/WIFI-2 OPTION
✔️Support Smart Alarm
✔️Audio input: built-in microphone
✔️Audio output: built-in speaker
✔️Solar power supply, 4pcs 18650 batteries.
✔️Support mobile phone and PIR detection wake up
✔️Support PIR motion detection alarm push to mobile phone
✔️Support Micro SD card up to 128GB, cloud storage. (Free first month)

RM1,598.00 RM699.00


The Hiley formula is one of the more accurate formulae and it is the most widely-used in the UK. A test load should be used in these circumstances. Our software applications are dedicated to the geotechnical design and analysis of foundations.They are used with equal ease in English units as in Metric (SI) units.
RM999.00 RM499.00


Act as alternative to the Hiley Formula which is mainly to measure the ram stroke by considering many factors including pile and hammer factors.

All users that have been given permission can prepare or edit the YLOAD sheet accordingly. Track all the status for the YLOAD sheet that been prepared.

YLOAD can be use to calculate PDA ram stroke for all grades of pile and all types of pile ranging from micropile to bored pile.
RM899.00 RM499.00


Get high-definition imaging of your boreholes to ensure contractor quality and consistency at all your projects. MODEN can measure and confirm for underground foundation work, the state of wall surface, pile diameter, deflection and incline, namely the "vertical accuracy" of the drilled hole or excavated wall. International foundation projects both home and many Asian countries nominate the DM-602/604 as the official tool to measure the various key indexes.


Evolution of the conventional OJACK System. Prevent the soft layer and pile load failure with a system that stops particle sedimentation around the jack.


This is an analysis software to analyze Bi-Directional Pile Load Test results to obtain equivalent Top-Loaded Load-Settlement Plot, Q-S Plot.
RM899.00 RM499.00