OJACK360_BP≥1200_1*DONUT6D825L (17,200kN)

OJACK360 Type B Advantages-

Rocket Shaft Embedded
Bending Shaft Embedded
Easy Concrete Flush-Up
Self Compacting Concrete
Bending Load Recovery

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This bi-directional pile test system application is for Bi-Directional Pile Load Test, Type B (bored pile).

Competency Level:

OJACK360 Type B Welder Competency: general welder
OJACK360 Type B Installer Competency: OJACK360 Installer, Competency Level L2 and above
OJACK360 Type B Tester Competency: Pile Test Engineer, Competency Level L3 and above

OCELL360 Jack ModelDONUT6D825L
OCELL360 Jack Capacity1*8,600 = 8,600kN in F(1D)
OCELL360 Jack Capacity2*8,600 = 17,200kN in F(BD)
OCELL360 Jack Quantity1
OJACK360 Jack Capacity1*17,200 = 17,200kN in F(BD)
OJACK360 Test Range0 to 17,200kN in F(BD)
OJACK360 Outer Diameter1050mm
OJACK360 Ram Stroke110mm
Tremie Hole340mm
Concrete Cover75mm