Publication Books

Site Construction and Supervision Bored Piles Installation [EDITION 2022]

The book highlights the pivotal role of supervisors in construction, explaining their responsibilities. It covers pre-construction concerns and breaks down inspection stages for bored pile installation, from initial checks to post-installation testing. It includes specifications and guidance for handling miscellaneous issues and provides practical Q&A with real case examples. The book underscores the importance of pile supervisors in ensuring safety and quality, serving as a valuable resource for effective project management.

Site Construction and Supervision Driven Piles Installation [EDITION 2022]

This book covers the role of site supervision in ensuring proper installation of displacement piles, such as driven/jacked RC/spun piles. It discusses responsibilities, displacement pile installation practices, common installation issues, and provides case histories to highlight defective constructions and malpractices. The goal is to enhance site supervisors' expertise in ensuring compliance with design specifications and codes. Commonly asked questions are addressed in a Q&A section, leading to conclusive remarks.