Site Construction and Supervision Driven Piles Installation [EDITION 2022]

This book covers the role of site supervision in ensuring proper installation of displacement piles, such as driven/jacked RC/spun piles. It discusses responsibilities, displacement pile installation practices, common installation issues, and provides case histories to highlight defective constructions and malpractices. The goal is to enhance site supervisors' expertise in ensuring compliance with design specifications and codes. Commonly asked questions are addressed in a Q&A section, leading to conclusive remarks.
  1. Introduction: The book introduces its purpose and scope.
  2. Role & Responsibility of Site Supervision: It covers the duties and responsibilities of site supervisors.
  3. Overview of Displacement Pile Installation Practice: Explains the practices involved in installing displacement piles like driven/jacked RC/spun piles.
  4. Common Installation Problems for Displacement Piles: Identifies typical issues that can occur during pile installation.
  5. Case Histories: Provides real-life examples of construction problems and malpractices related to displacement piles.
  6. Q & A - Commonly Asked Questions: Answers commonly raised questions regarding the topic.
  7. Conclusions: Summarizes the key takeaways from the book, emphasizing the importance of site supervision in ensuring compliance with design specifications and addressing common construction defects and malpractices.