Tube Wave Pile Integrity Tester

The Tube Wave Pile Integrity Tester (TWPIT) is a state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform tube wave pile integrity test (TW) on deep foundation piles. It is the World’s 1st system to overcome the test limitations of the low strain (LS), ultra sonic (US) as well as physical coring inspections on pile integrity.

Tube Wave Pile Integrity Test is more comprehensive and accurate to test the pile integrity of spun concrete and cast in-situ piles by overcoming test limitations by conventional pile integrity test methods using low strain and ultra sonic.

Tube Wave Detection for Quality Evaluation of Pile Foundation, 2020 The TWPIT-Testing detects any defects surrounding a hole such as hollow spun concrete piles or cast in-situ bored piles with a core drilling hole.

Test Tip The signal can detect the pile defect in whole section. The cavity outside the pile body can be detected at location D < 2m from center of the pile; where D: distance.

The cavity below the pile base can be detected to ascertain pile base bearing design requirements (by continuing core drilling below the pile base to allow testing). Prior to boring works, it is a best method to detect cavity around the SI boreholes.

Pile Material PVC Pipes (quantity : 1 only)