YL-PLT 1S Static Load Tester

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Product Purposes

◆ Pressure resistance, pull resistance, horizontal and self-balanced static load test of single pile

◆ Static load test of shallow (deep) layer plate and rock foundation

◆ Static load test of treated foundation and composite foundation

◆ Pull - out test of rock bolt

◆ Floor and bridge load test

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YCELL360 Jack Capacity

◆ JGJ 106-2014 Technical code for testing of building foundation piles

◆ TB 10218-2019 Technical Specification for testing railway piles

◆ JT/T738-2009 Static loading test of foundation pile--Self-balanced method

◆ DBJ-15-60-2008 Code for Testing of Building Foundation (Guangdong)

◆ GB50021-2001(2009) Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering

◆ GB50007-2011 Code for design of building foundation

◆ JGJ79-2012 Technical Code for Ground Treatment of Buildings

◆ JGJ79-2015 Technical code testing of building foundation soils

YCELL360 Jack Capacity

YLINK GeoAli                                                        YLINK GeoAli

Wuhan Static Load Platform                                               Leaders visit in Hubei province, Wuhan city


YLINK GeoAli                                                        YLINK GeoAli

The tallest building in central China                                            No one is at the static load site


YLINK GeoAli                                                        YLINK GeoAli

   6000 ton static load test site                                              Static load test wireless, video monitoring


YLINK GeoAli                                                         YLINK GeoAli

          Static load a tow three                                                      Static load instrument comparison