YL-PST (FS) Ultrasonic Test Device

Product Purposes

◆ Test the integrity of piles by the tru-transmission ultrasonic method

◆ Estimate the crack depth of the concrete

◆ Detect the strength of the concrete by the ultrasonic-rebound combined method

◆ Test the rock mass by the longitudinal wave velocity method

◆ Detect for concrete incompactness and voids

◆ Detect for rock loose circles of the tunnel

◆ Test non-metallic material for dynamic elastic mechanical parameters

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Standard Compliance

◆ JGJ 106-2014 Technical code for testing of building foundation piles

◆ JGJ 106-2014 Technical code for testing of building foundation piles

◆ JTG/F81-01-2004 Technical Specification of Dynamic Pile Tests for Highway Engineering

◆ TB 10218-2019 Technical Specification for testing railway piles

◆ DBJ-15-60-2008 Code for Testing of Building Foundation (Guangdong)

◆ CECS02:2005 Technical specification for detecting strength of concrete by ultrasonic-rebound combined method

◆ CECS02:2000 Technical specification for inspection of concrete defects by ultrasonic method

◆ TB10426-2004 Inspection specification for structure concrete strength of railway engineer

◆ ASTM D 6760 - 16 Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing


Product Features

◆ 8.4" true-color high-brightness touch screen with continuously adjustable backlight, clear display of data and curves, adaptable to various environments

◆ Patented product, the world's first intelligent voice prompt function

◆ The initiative 5 channels, 5 test tubes and 10 profiles completed at once to extremely improve the working efficiency with over 2 meters' testing distance in the air and over 10 meters in the concrete

◆ Built-in Full Netcom 4G module, providing upload function.

◆ Built-in new generation transmitter with upgraded transmission voltage and transmission efficiency -- load voltage of true 1200Vand the minimum sampling shift of true 10mm

◆ Continuous automatic lifting, multi-channel automatic tracking to match any combination of profiles

◆ Adjustable waveform gain and delay multi-touch in the profile testing, supporting 6-profile simultaneous analysis and calculation

◆ National patented integrated wireless counting and lifting device with a waterproof level of IP65 and seismic design for more reliable connection

◆ Transceiver-integrated radial transducer, combined with pre-amplification technology for clear first wave and easy interpretation

◆ New continuous variable speed reel with free rotating and send-receive to improve the overall test efficiency

◆ Professional wizard design, optimized procedure, simple operation for efficient testing

◆ Modularized internal structure with elaborate craftsmanship of unique ergonomic streamlined design to provide comfortable operation

◆ Special ow-power technology platform + built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery with usage time > 8h

◆ 1.2" true-color high-brightness touch screen with continuously adjustable backlight, clear display of data and curves, adaptable to various environments

Software Features

◆ Provides CASE analysis, matching analysis and various quick settings

◆ Two ways to upgrade software: online upgrade and U-disk upgrade

◆ Supports data recycle, data upload and wireless export

◆ Easy switch between Chinese and English

◆ Supports pipe plugging and system calibration

◆ Intelligent interpretation, more accurate for the acoustic time and amplitude of the first wave

◆ Support data merging to meet the testing need in case of missed test and multi-tube test

◆ Full package of viewing and editing functions for profile waveform

◆ Provide editing functions such as depth correction, tube tilt correction, span correction, defect operation, acoustic time correction, and sound speed correction

◆ Supports multiple analysis functions such as digital filtering, acoustic time correction, and spectrum refinement

◆ Supports multiple waveform display modes such as curve graph, wave column graph, data table, and grayscale graph

◆ Report format output with flexibly customized contents to meet different engineering needs as well as new one-click report export function

◆ Provides multiple output format (.docx/.doc, .xlsx/.xls and .bmp) compatible with all the office software on the market

◆ Complies with various testing standards

 ◆ Complys with various testing standards


◆ Complys with various testing standards

◆ Complys with various testing standards

Key Specifications



Number of channels/profiles

5-channel (independently controllable, self-transmit and self-recieve )/10 profiles

Testing distance

≥ 10m for concrete

Display mode

12.1" true-color LCD display screen (high-brightness) 1280×768

Sampling method

Continuous lifting, multi-channel automatic tracking


Chinese and English

Power supply

Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery,  ≥8 hours

Power display accuracy


Main control unit

Low power embedded industrial computer


8G (>400 complete test data of tested piles)

Operation method

Touch screen

Data transmission


Counting method

Automatic counting (bidirectional); wireless

Sampling interval

0.05μs ~ 65535μs

Record length

512/1024 dots

Transmission voltage

High, medium and low

Dynamic Range


Acoustic accuracy


Amplitude accuracy


Transmission pulse width

0.1μs ~ 200μs, continuously adjustable


1kHz ~ 300kHz

Working temperature



375mm × 300mm × 90mm



Product Configuration






1 pc



Cross-hole probe and reel

5 pcs

100m cable


Depth counter and connecting cable

1 set

Charger included


Orifice pulley

5 pcs



USB flash disk

1 pc

Storage information including stock-out information


Power adapter

1 pc



Touch pen

1 pc





User Manual, Certification, etc.


Tape measure

1 pc



A4 file board

1 pc


Instrument box

2 pc



1. The following is an on-site test of a square pile of 2m×3m (a total of 6 acoustic tubes are buried. When using the traditional multi-channel acoustic waves testing. The first wave has poor interpretation with the amplification gain of more than 1000 times, loud noise and distorted waveform. While using the YL-PST(FS) Ultrasonic Test Device with preamplifier, the field test gain setting is about 10 times with clear waveform, and the first wave interpretation is accurate)



2. A testing company in Yunnan uses PST (E) to provide quality assurance for the construction of the Kunming South Station of the South High-Speed Railway.



3. The following is a continuous wall test case with a large span of 4.5m, the gain is only 80 times (you can zoom in the picture to see the parameter information in the lower right corner of the waveform, G: gain factor, L: tube span)






Our service

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We provide professional geotechnical engineers to provide theoretical training, on-site practical training, data analysis and processing for pile detection, and a full range of professional trainings to help the customers to master detection methods and on-site operations to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of detection.