YL-PST (FS) Ultrasonic Test Device

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Product Purposes

◆ Test the integrity of piles by the tru-transmission ultrasonic method

◆ Estimate the crack depth of the concrete

◆ Detect the strength of the concrete by the ultrasonic-rebound combined method

◆ Test the rock mass by the longitudinal wave velocity method

◆ Detect for concrete incompactness and voids

◆ Detect for rock loose circles of the tunnel

◆ Test non-metallic material for dynamic elastic mechanical parameters

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YCELL360 Jack Capacity

◆ JGJ 106-2014 Technical code for testing of building foundation piles

◆ JGJ 106-2014 Technical code for testing of building foundation piles

◆ JTG/F81-01-2004 Technical Specification of Dynamic Pile Tests for Highway Engineering

◆ TB 10218-2019 Technical Specification for testing railway piles

◆ DBJ-15-60-2008 Code for Testing of Building Foundation (Guangdong)

◆ CECS02:2005 Technical specification for detecting strength of concrete by ultrasonic-rebound combined method

◆ CECS02:2000 Technical specification for inspection of concrete defects by ultrasonic method

◆ TB10426-2004 Inspection specification for structure concrete strength of railway engineer

◆ ASTM D 6760 - 16 Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing