Shanghai Y-link Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Y-link Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a leading global provider of the non-destructive testing equipment and monitoring system solutions. We strive to keep innovating based on our customers’ demands and openly cooperate with our partners for a more intelligent equipment solution in the engineering inspection field. Relying on Y-Link (Australia)’s advanced foundation construction testing technology, focusing on the growing market demand in the Asia-Pacific region, we are committed to the research of the non-destructive inspection technology as well as the research, production and promotion of the monitoring equipment. We provide competitive integrated solutions and services for the superior testing institutions, continuously improve the customer experience to create maximum value for them.

With the vision of improving the testing methods in the engineering industry, we have gathered a group of experienced experts and elites and formed professional R&D, production, sales and after-sales service teams who are innovative, young and full of energy. We have coordinated development across fields of the method research, instrument development, and engineering testing. We provide series of products including testing and monitoring systems, geotechnical engineering instruments, pile testing instruments, building testing instruments, etc. Our products, achieving all the technical standards and the world-class performance, are widely applied in the fields of structural inspection and infrastructure construction, which earn the trust of our clients from foreign countries.

Relying on the overseas research team and the R&D promotion center in the Greater China region, as a practitioner of building "Geotechnical Engineering Alliance", we believe with the more convenient and safer Y-Link products, the world will be better.


Our Value: Initiative • Innovation • Inclusiveness

Our Mission: Advocator of Geotechnical Engineering Alliance

Development Philosophy: Technology• Quality• Responsibility

Product Philosophy: Enjoy your test !

Service Philosophy: Global Service Network • All for Customers • Every Opportunity Counts


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YL-PDT High Strain Pile Tester

Product Purposes

◆ Detect the high strain bearing capacity and integrity of foundation piles

◆ Monitor the stress of the precast piles during the driving

◆ Low strain reflected wave method of foundation piles

RM75,000.00 RM55,000.00

YL-PIT Low Strain Pile Testing Device

Product Purposes

◆ Integrity detection by low strain reflected wave method of foundation pile

RM36,000.00 RM32,000.00

YL-PLT 1S Static Load Tester

Product Purposes

◆ Pressure resistance, pull resistance, horizontal and self-balanced static load test of single pile

◆ Static load test of shallow (deep) layer plate and rock foundation

◆ Static load test of treated foundation and composite foundation

◆ Pull - out test of rock bolt

◆ Floor and bridge load test

RM60,000.00 RM45,000.00

YL-PST (FS) Ultrasonic Test Device

Product Purposes

◆ Test the integrity of piles by the tru-transmission ultrasonic method

◆ Estimate the crack depth of the concrete

◆ Detect the strength of the concrete by the ultrasonic-rebound combined method

◆ Test the rock mass by the longitudinal wave velocity method

◆ Detect for concrete incompactness and voids

◆ Detect for rock loose circles of the tunnel

◆ Test non-metallic material for dynamic elastic mechanical parameters

RM100,000.00 RM75,000.00